Auto Insurance Quote For International Countries

Auto Insurance Quote For International Countries;Of course, you’ll need to provide evidence that you’re a legal driver before being allowed to cruise off an overseas rental lot. Most European nations, and many other countries outside North America, accept an International Driving Permit (IDP), which is an official translation of your valid U.S. license. The U.S. State Department recommends getting an IDP from one of two qualified organizations: the American Automobile Association (AAA) or the American Automobile Touring Alliance (AATA). Both allow you to apply via mail, while AAA also offers in-person service at local branch offices.

Auto Insurance Quote For International Countries
Auto Insurance Quote For International Countries

What Is the Cheapest Car Insurance?

Our analysis of the best cheap car insurance nationwide found that, on average, USAA has the cheapest car insurance quotes. But USAA auto insurance is only available to active members of the military, veterans and their families.

If you don’t qualify for a policy through USAA, our analysis found that Erie, Geico and State Farm offer competitive rates, based on nationwide averages. It’s still good to get quotes from multiple companies because the cheapest car insurance companies can vary depending on your state, driving record and more.

How Do I Get Free Car Insurance Quotes?

Here are two ways to get car insurance quotes, which are always free:

1. Online. Many auto insurance companies offer free car insurance quotes online. You can visit several insurance company websites and compare quotes. To save time, use a website that provides quotes from multiple companies.

2. By phone or in person. Speak with or visit a local insurance agent who can help you find affordable car insurance options and get you a car insurance quote.

There are generally two types of insurance agents:

1. A “captive” agent works for one insurance company and can give you a quote only from that insurer

2. An “independent” insurance agent can sell policies from multiple insurance companies and can get you quotes from different insurers.

There are benefits to both approaches, and there’s no law against contacting multiple insurance agents. It doesn’t hurt to get online quotes and also speak with an agent who can help you identify your coverage needs and tailor a policy that’s the best fit for you.

What Information Do I Need to Get Auto Insurance Quotes?

To make the process go as smoothly as possible, it helps to have the following information on hand:

  • Driver’s license. If there are any other drivers in your household, you’ll need their driver’s license information as well.
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN). You can typically find your VIN on the vehicle’s driver’s side dashboard or printed on a sticker in the driver’s side door or door jamb. If you haven’t purchased the vehicle yet but know what you’re going to buy, ask the seller for the VIN. If you haven’t picked out your car yet, you can usually get a quote with a vehicle make and model.
  • Mileage. If you own the car, have the odometer reading handy.
  • How much coverage you want. You’ll want to know what coverage types you want to buy and how much coverage you need. If you’re not sure, it’s a good idea to speak with an insurance agent who can help answer your questions.

The auto insurance company will gather additional information about you, such as your driving history, past auto insurance claims, and (in most states) your credit.

Compare Car Insurance Rates 2022

Comparing auto insurance quotes is all about gathering options so you can find the best car insurance companies.

Compare car insurance rates:

  • By company
  • By state
  • By age and gender
  • By credit score
  • For drivers with a DUI
  • For drivers with an at-fault accident
  • For drivers with a speeding ticket
  • For seniors
  • For adding a teen driver

Compare Car Insurance Rates by Company

Not all car insurance price their policies the same. That’s why it’s so important to compare car insurance quotes from multiple companies. Here’s a look at large insurance companies and the average national rates for drivers with a clean driving record (meaning no traffic violations or at-fault accidents).

International Car Insurance

With more than 75 years of service, Clements Worldwide offers comprehensive international car insurance to our valued expats in most countries around the globe. As a Clements customer, you can drive at home or abroad with confidence knowing you and your car are protected. Our hassle-free global car insurance policies:

  • Automatically adjust to meet the local insurance requirements in whichever country you are driving
  • Can include both Physical Damage coverage and
  • Excess Liability coverage

What is overseas insurance?

Overseas insurance is an easy way to protect your car, motorcycle, or personal property when you move to a different country. Please note that overseas insurance isn’t travel insurance and doesn’t include health insurance.

If you’re moving abroad, whether with the military, government, or as an expat, GEICO Financial Services GmbH (a GEICO affiliate) can help take the hassle out of getting international car insurance, motorcycle insurance, and personal property insurance coverage. If you’re shipping your car, they can help arrange international marine transit insurance. GEICO GmbH can connect you with the international insurance you need.

Why international health insurance matters

Every month, millions of travelers take international trips for vacation, business, study tours, or missionary travel. On these types of trips, your domestic insurance generally won’t cover you for any losses incurred, and may not reimburse you for medical expenses. This is why it’s so important to purchase international health insurance. International travel insurance provides the necessary coverage in the case of an emergency abroad, providing you the peace of mind during your time abroad.

Unlike trip insurance, which is solely for U.S. residents, international health insurance helps protect both U.S. residents and non-U.S. residents alike. If you are injured or contract an illness on foreign soil, international travel insurance can help lower costs related to medical treatment.

COVID-19 coverage is also available through international health insurance, which can help cover the expense of testing. Covid will be covered like any other new illness, and can include a benefit for those required to quarantine at their destination.

What to do when driving abroad?

License essentials

Before you start your search for international car insurance, you need to make sure you have the right to drive in your country of choice.

All British drivers can drive in any European Union (EU) member countries, in the European Economic Area (EEA), and Switzerland, although it helps to have a green card to prove you have insurance in place – and you should also display a UK sticker. Allow yourself time to obtain the necessary paperwork from your insurance provider before you go. The green card is free, but your insurer may charge a small admin fee.

To drive in countries outside of these zones, you are likely to need an International Driving Permit (IDP) from the Post Office, the AA, or the RAC, even when you have international car insurance in place.

To get an IDP you must be over 18 years of age with a full license

Getting insured

Some UK insurance policies allow you to drive abroad but check with your provider to find out if they cover international car insurance for when you’re travelling outside of the UK.

Before leaving the UK, let your insurer know you are travelling overseas, and they can let you know if you need to upgrade or buy another policy. It’s sensible to consider what exactly you want to be covered for, particularly if you’re buying a new policy. Levels of cover vary across different policy types, so make sure you’re not under-insured before taking out a policy!

Why Do I Need International Auto Insurance?

Insurance requirements differ from country to country. Your home country’s policy may exclude important areas of coverage that are required in other nations. They may also use different terminology (for example, “excess” instead of “deductible.”) A global car insurance policy will meet the requirements of whatever nation you are in.

An international auto insurance policy also uses the drivers’ license from your country of nationality. You may need to also have an International Driving Permit, which you can get from your home country’s automobile association.

Car insurance for visitors to Mexico

Mexico has strict insurance and driving laws, and the consequences of breaking those laws can be serious. Plan by getting the appropriate coverage and knowing what to do if the unexpected happens:

  • Rules for Mexico car insurance
  • Rules for driving into Mexico from the U.S.

Get a Mexico auto insurance quote online or call 1-877-537-7878 to talk with a MexPro specialist.

Car insurance for visitors to Canada

Your U.S. policy automatically covers you in Canada, whether you’re driving a rental car or your own car. Your policy covers you for as long as you’re driving there, and there’s no need to notify your insurance company. Learn more about driving in Canada.

Overseas car insurance: Europe and other countries

Whether you’re driving in Ireland, Spain, or elsewhere, regulations and requirements vary for temporary international auto insurance in foreign countries. That’s why it’s best to get an overseas car insurance policy that’s specific to the country or countries you’re visiting.

How to get insurance when driving in Europe or another country

Driving your car

Look for an insurance company that specializes in car insurance for the specific country you’re visiting or moving to. Requirements can vary widely for each country, and a specialized company can help you purchase the proper international auto insurance coverage.

International rental car insurance

If you’re vacationing in another country for a short time, it’s typically easiest to get international car rental insurance coverage through the car rental agency. Research any countries you plan to visit to find out the specific rental car insurance requirements of each. For example, international car insurance in Italy requires foreign car renters to purchase the “collision damage waiver” offered by the car rental company. Each country’s U.S. embassy is a good starting point for your research.

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